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Connect multiple WordPress websites to Teamleader


It’s possible to connect multiple WordPress websites with your Teamleader account, but you will need a different license for this.

During checkout of WP TeamForms, you will purchase a ‘Single Site License’ which you can use on (and is limited to) one WordPress website. If you want to connect more websites to your current Teamleader account, you will have to adjust your WP TeamForms license to the ‘Unlimited Site License’ version.

The ‘Unlimited Site License’ can be used on an unlimited amount of websites connecting to the same Teamleader account.

Please note that you can’t connect to different Teamleader accounts with the “Unlimited Site License”. Since the Teamleader account is connected to your WP TeamForms account, you will need to create a different WP TeamForms account for each different Teamleader environment you have and want to connect to WordPress.

You can update your current license to unlimited from within your dashboard on the WP TeamForms website.
Login to your account and go to the “Purchase History” page. Here you will see your current license listed.


If you will click on “View Upgrades” you will see the available upgrades for your license.


The “Unlimited Site License” will appear. Click on the “Upgrade License” link to start the purchase process.

After upgrading you can use the same ‘WP TeamForms license key’ & ‘Teamleader access code’ (which you are already using on the first connected website) for every website which you want to link to your Teamleader environment.

If you have any questions about this or run into problems, then please contact support so we can assist you.